St. John's & Zion Lutheran Churches

Weekly Bulletin

PRAYER BEFORE CHURCH: Merciful Father, since you have given your only Son as the sacrifice for our sin, also give us grace to receive with thanksgiving the fruits of his redeeming work and daily follow in his way. In his name, I pray. Amen.

LITURGY: Zion: Page 45 St. John: Page 45

HYMNS: Zion: 561; 185; 475; 327 St. John: 561; 185; 475; 327

PSALM: Psalm 1 (Page 64 CW)
Ephesians 5:15-20
John 6:51-58

SERMON TEXT: 1 Kings 19:3-8
1. Not According To The World’s Wisdom
2. But According To God’s Wisdom

Sunday: 2 Chronicles 6:12-42
Monday: 2 Chronicles 7, 8
Tuesday: 2 Chronicles 9, 10
Wednesday: 2 Chronicles 11, 12
Thursday: 2 Chronicles 13, 14
Friday: 2 Chronicles 15, 16
Saturday: 2 Chronicles 17, 18


SAVANNAH PINES: Pastor Kahrs will be at Savannah Pines this afternoon at 1:30.

NELHS BOARD: There will be a meeting of the NELHS Board of Directors this afternoon at 4:00.

NURSING HOME: We will have our service tomorrow morning at 10:15.

CONFIRMATION CLASS: Confirmation Class begins on Wednesday at 6:30.

KIDS UNDER CONSTRUCTION: We will meet on Thursday from 3:45-5:45.

SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS MEETING: We will meet on Monday, August 27, at 7:30.

SCHOOL CLEANING: Thank you to everyone who came and helped with the school cleaning last Tuesday evening.

HOLY COMMUNION: St. John will have Holy Communion during their service next Sunday.

VOTERS MEETING: Zion’s voters will meet on Sunday, September 9 following our service. Please have all agenda items to Pastor Kahrs or Don Kracke by Wednesday, August 29.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Sunday School begins on Sunday, September 9.

SERVICE TIMES: On Sunday, September 9, St. John will return to their 10:45 service time.